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Velcome to Spore. Creating your own universe, the life that will inhabit, will manage evolution will form tribes, build their own civilization and conquer others and eventually will explode into space to discover a new world.

Will Wright jejedan most famous player in video game.SimCiti, SimEarth, SimLife and The Sims only come from the most famous creations. The game sold millions of copies, and with every new game, Wright seemed to be over.

This time, the goal of vizijaRajtEspecially impressive high – Spore online. The game has been developed for many years and should be one of the most ambitious projects in the brief but intense history of video games.

Overall, Spore can be described as a life simulator of unicellular oceanstvorenje, passing through the natural evolution of species, dominating the earth and conquering galaxies.

Contested takaImaginativendan fun game You can only do justice for what you give!