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Remember the facade works only on Windows, ME to XP. It does not work Vista, or more. The facade is unique, free online adventure game using artificial intelligence (AI), where your job is to prevent marriage.

Developers of complex facades describe as “going over the traditional branches or history joints to create an interactive road drama setting yakamizhdystsyplinarnyy art practices and artificial intelligence technology.” You play a game like me and several past friends named Grace and travel, the Developer explainsAs “great achievement and attracting couples in the early thirties.”

The plot is this: at evening meetings in their house bad things (miraculous), and would be in some family and destroy Grace travel. No one is safe to take a facade if it is sharp on the side of the board and they are making decisions that will destroy home happiness. However, the goal is to ensure that finally Grace and travel stay together and it is not difficult to divorce bigger costs.

To control your character, you have to sign in, to communicateAnd the other keys the navigation strilkamyi characters take and use objects with mouse pointer. What you are talking to with characters, affects their actions and as a sign of love and outdoors, though this is not a real science. You can touch incredible kidogonic times several times waiting for a response or anchor.

The main problem is that the facade, though it has been awesome over the years, has never been updated and runs in Vista, or over the most shy. If you’re still running Windows ME and XP, you canFacade to play.At the same time, those who do not enjoy the game, find one of the many videos showing on YouTube, aimed at the facade.

Unfortunately, Facade works for future versions of Windows, so that’s a pretty original original concept and offers more than a few laughs to resolve the conflict.