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Stronghold Crusader II is the sequel to the great strategy game of 2002 Stronghold Crusader adds mechanics similar to Age of Empires, very attractive tactical element in which you have to build their own castle. Sit before the war, managing the economy and end your opponentswith shots from your catapult!

A game that has diversified approach and laromaglaro

Stronghold Crusader II returned to osnovitenegoviot predecessor, Captivate offers a great mix of strategy and tactics, newcomer. The different game modes (Campaign, Skirmish, Multiplayer) will undertake missions assignedfor you, or to protect your king, try to beat your enemy ruler. multi-player mode you have to keep all the little things you entertained, especially good cooperative mode that allows nada check with a friend on the same host.

The nature MilitärDieStronghold Crusader is a very well made, and it is a complex struggle, thanks to many units, the depth of the traditional system of real-time strategy game (where archers face pikemen face the same time the cavalry). Tactical aspetoay as exciting because of the possibilityexisting buildings. You have a lot of slobodatada develop and expand your nation and aesthetically inclined to lose through all the details of the king’s castle inEhre

Interface that can be improved in a number of ways

The second tranche of Stronghold Crusader characterized byits playability and content, but unfortunately there is the interface. From the beginning, we will leave the weak players blinds dirty little menikontrast with cleverly rendered graphics of the titles. What’s worse menu interface management game using the mouse seemed hastyflying created without integrating them into mechanisms that form the basis of a strategy game today.

angTrabaho can give your units are limited and do not include bubbles text explains how options available can be used. It is not possible to stavinarachki inSeries, and also it is not easy to select a unit. It’s terrible for a game that debuted in 2014, four years after Starcraft II set standards that modern approach to the game sollteLeben over the interface.

What makes the technical aspects of the second tranche of Notes Stronghold Crusaders.Although the graphics engine is less than impressive, eye enjoying the game because of the delicate details. naedinica is really great animation, and the screen is filled with small elements to provide a sense of realism and life, the whole game. The resources appear and disappearin real time in the camps and demSchlachten great to see. tangingNawawalang’s animation building, a detail that does not distract the joy comes in the game Stronghold Crusader II. Free PDF Reader 1

The youngest medieval real-time strategy

If you dopadnaprethodnite games stronghold, doError: You can jump to a new episode with no worries. The form and content of playability is hands down the best, and you can also effectively naMultiplayer regime genießenAls long and well-planned campaign. This does not mean that the game without its drawbacks, especially his sick interfacewhich offers even a quarter of what you would expect from a modernastrategija in real time. A regrettable that may frighten some, but it’s not so serious to spoil the joy that comes with building your own castle and sustained attack on fortified kaawaynailunsad.