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PES 2014 takes the field again, this time with the game afocus. New graphic engine, better animations and a great atmosphere are the main highlightsof of this publication.

Leagues, cups, contests, and multiple lines

Pro Evolution Soccer, yakavzhe is a downloadable patch, offers several game modes:

In loadingstages, your gettips to shoot and move in a certain game situatsyyahv, auseful intermissionthat takes advantage of any dead time!

Compliments2014 design is not bad, but in terms of use, it’s definitely a step back from the present and the new FIFA 14.

Freedom of movement in the field

The game management in PES 2014 has not undergone any major surprises. Main novovvedennyamye TrueBall Tech: with a good controlof on an analog stick, you can stop or control the ball over an amazing realism 360 hradusav.Vynik’s unprecedentedfreedom and movement in the PES. This is made possible by the improved physics ball is no longer the oneAnnoying “bowling balls» suprovodzhuvavseriyi effectthat for many years.

Also improved the arethe gear that is more fluid and reliable. GoPro Studio 2 32bit-64bit Torrent
The player’s power, weight, and physical strength may affect the outcome or shoulder impact of the strugglesbetween the wearer’s shoulders.

Lahichnatsyaper manevrybilshe also play a favorsteam game and a slower rate compared to previous years. It is more difficult to steal the ball from the player and get it behind the goal. NowYou need to check the player’s condition at thetiming fieldand receive the right to use playor teammate taking a shot at the goal.

From PES 2014 there has been a sudden change in the direction of the previous game in their place, more natural movements. Cross calibrate more “manual” than before, while yakstrely more credible, although some of the gadgets are quite manageable.

Thegoalkeepers improve well.They have very good animation and someSaving extraordinary.
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The way they came forhigh the ball and the convincing cross, though slow and lack of goal reactiveness when the striker facinga was poor (Y button on Xbox joystick).

Artificial intelligence is one of the most moments of PES 2014hultsyd processed in Welland CPU’s less-predictable motion, team workas and when necessary, can take pictures that leave you silent. Is the difficulty level of 6obyranyh for II.

But playing well PES 2014 also requires a tactical fit forYour team. Various games are more limited than FIFA, but a great editor fills this gap, giving you the ability of stvoryuvatykilka modules.

Gameclimate is amazing

Fox’s new engine graph in PES 2014 works fine. All information has been taken into account, virtual and physical equality to real players is impressive (but to them, “Not so well-known” is a bit rough around the edges). Greate has taken steps in the manufacture of each level, withExcellent detail and unique choreography banners foreach instructions.

Despite many improvements made, the engine still needs to make it, we find vypadkovivtraty frames even though they do not affect the gaming experience. In addition, there is an inexplicable shortage of rain or snow. This is not a dealbreaker, but it’scertainly remarkable for this caliber game.

Another new feature for PES 2014 is the almost complete lack of “binary”: Current playerMoving with the freedom and the established setbacks.

Sound effects, possibly the best elements of PES 2014. Audience is a hultsomna 12 field, supportingthe team with constant roar, galvanizingevery risky move, causing theirheroes to tilt atopponent in achieving goals, especially in the most miserable of matches. In short, Konami succeeds in creating an incredible atmosphere in which players get really emotionally involved.

At the beginning of the new era

ForPro EvolutionSoccer, is the beginning of a new era. This edition relies solely on games: more team play, revised football physics lepshkantrol player, realisticgear and various features for our game experience.

So, PES 2014 was finally beaten by FIFA? In short – no.The EAsimulator is still king, but the gap is narrowed and of course Konami titleis is a viable alternative.

The developer has created a fun, rewarding game that allows the Toimmerse playerHimself in the stadium, which does not have the same in any football game yakyhinshyh.

The Fox Engine, although still immature and elegant, plays an important role in reviving the franchise. Konami, of course, made a big step in the right direction: the title model of the aspect increased significantly, the fortune of all purystivzhanru.