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Most games played a role in the fantasy world, so the series of post-apocalyptic Fallout is especially loved by fans. But when Bethesda master the franchise and move the action to the first person in Fallout 3, it was really impressed by a wider audience. With Fallout 4, the company hopesTo further study futuristic fiction, to build a system, and – we hope – to eliminate technical shortcomings.

Heritage of the past

Defined in Boston, Fallout4 starting with the Americans under the threat of nuclear war. Thesignature of the 1950s suburb of technology franchise is supported,But exciting, for the first time, you can experience a few moments in life before the bomb was sudden.

The sirens began to howl and you run with the family in Vault 111, just in time to witness the bomb explode when dropped under the ground. Everything is not as it seemed, however, and afterThe way you were asked to pass into your sterilized frozen cubes until untuk210 years.

In the short moments of consciousness, you look at you helplessly,as this horrific scene happened. Your partner was killed and the child was taken by robbers to immediately build a motivation game.

A minute later you wake upIn an empty vault. With nothing but the desire for revenge, you are heading for peace. From Vault 111, the open spaces of the amazing world are stretched out in front of you, and your discovery journey begins.

For Fallout 3 veterans strikingly recalls that, at times, feels like a loser. Bethesdas OpenThe world can still capture the beauty of this, youcan interact with all people, have obtained dozens of searches, and choose how you want to resolve any issuesrepresented to you.

But there are trade-offs with complexity and ambition, which is mainly manifested in characters and their AI. CharactersRegularly looks awful and happy in your way, soaring in the air, or berdiriDalam the most unnatural position during this important dialogue. With so many ways that I play the game revolve around the conversation, it makes me very difficult, though, fortunately,Thisarticle does I continue to invest.

You have to look past this initial failure, because for this is the best experience and more subtly built on navigation and great character in Fallout 3.

Take it badly with kindness

The first thing to note is the presentation and stepping. No hanging,And after creating your character, it takes less than an hour to start deserting the beautiful Boston.

Combat has also increased, with firearms now more dependent on your ability, rather than the perception or dexterity ofstat hidden. This change means that the raceFor Fallout 4, you can play much more like a traditional shooter satisfactory, with your own abilities is reflected in every frame.

VAT has also been changed to create a game experience faster. This system – which previously allowed you to stop the time toThe enemy’s target is now only a slow action to crawl. This is a small change, but one thing that makes all the threads, at the same time gives you a little more time to plan an attack.

This accelerated pace wasa constant topic. Instead of waiting half the game toGet such a fun electric toy armor, this is quite an early acquisition – although adaTelah some changes to it. First, the advantages of heavy equipment are not so obvious, the user is blocked by the fusion of cells necessary to turn it on. In addition, armor,That you will find just the starting point, because you can tune it to pieces and the things you saw. This led some people to fall down and dirty – but the view is amazing – built, with a metal plate andplate welded to add protection, or a layer of lead to provideProtection from radiation.

Finding the valuable elements of this update danBarang is thinner than in other Bethesda titles. Panting at the top of the storage box or tables, you will be greeted with a pop-up that will help you stop learning the menu to see if you want,That it contains. You can also easily break that especially useful, use his ship, and explore it to attract fans that they can give. All that said, if you collect all that you find, resourcemanagement can be a challenge as you navigate the interfaceLayered.

The setting is not limited to weapons and armor, Fallout 4 also adds settlements. The basics of this place are for you to store your luggage and send the survivors were found in the desert. At some point, it feels like self stopping, because of the benefits, to improve this areaAnd protect it from raider attacks, it seems, only help the development of more substantive advantages of the game process. But, at least, this means that you mightfind some use for semuanyaAnda collection.

Wait until the dust settles

Radioactive fallout4 does not solve allProblems of its predecessor, with the same technical deficiencies dissecting every your movement. But it seems Bethesda feels that it does not matter, it was like having great aspirations. Rather than focusing on fixing a few minor issues,Which are often pleasant, instead he spent his time working in the big world, more concretized and complicated.

Its a fair compromise, because Fallout4 is a brilliantRPG and worthy successor to the name of the franchise.