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You want to limit what applications can be used on your system? Locker application is a simple program that can resist the set from opening.

ApplicationLocker is useful for parents who want to limit the use of their children’s computer, or just keep a specific program out of reach of other users. http://www.guarinelli88.
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it/?p=431 It is limited to lock EXE files so that you can not lock it through the control panel , Which is a shame. But thingsSuch as Firefox and IE can easily be disabled, limited access to the Internet.

Security on the applicationlocker, so that it can open all the locks can be unlocked. However, if you install it to the administrators on your computer, and set by the administration to be usable, it will be effective.

As a way to flag users who should not use them on a particular application, this has the trick. It comes with the help of PDF, although this is not good! To aTo add application to the lock, you just need to put the file name Exe, which is not difficult, but you can not add to the application search.

For security conscious,application Locker is an easy way to keep certain programs fo limits.