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Save Lossless Dj (Me)

Elder Scrolls V: Skira The legendary accumulation release update DJ

Recovery features:


Game versions :;

Auto – install and cry;

Final area: 13 GB;

Crack based on: DeZoMoR4iN;

Operating System: Windows XP, VindovsVista, Windows7,8 Windows, Windows (32bit, 64bit and);

Voice and subtitle language: English;

Content List:

Includes official DLC Legend:

“HD Textures Pack”




Nothing turns into / cutting

* Official Tektura Pack (requires graphics card with 1GB video memory)


“InformalType of Skira “()

“Davnguard Unofficial Patch” ()

The “informal patch” ()

“Unofficial” ()

The quot; high resolution screen secondary patch quot; ()

It’s time to install ~ 30 minutes

The general content in its various including aditivePAKETI text HD textures and informalPlas canBe only / or at the moment of UNICE Launcher …


Before Disabling Action “(important) to avoid the error message (For Avast. SamoDeepScreen from Antivirus Settings) …

After starting the setup, click “Configure”, specify the installation directory,Click on the next and next, select the required software (Direct X and Visual C ++), and then finally in the “Install” Play … Played Desktop Shooting Using Run as

Always open the game using “Run as an Admin” to avoid problemsavegame / crash,If you continue to fall, reduce the graphical settings and make sure it is compliant with the system requirements, along with the up-to-the-shelf drivers for your graphics card …

Open Start Skaimar shortcut to the desktop, now click on “PLAY” to start the game when the Menu InterfaceGive up the game does not start a new game is already open again started Skaimar poslekliknite of “data files” to get access and activation / activation of the entire contents of the above list ….


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