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PDFBinder tool is a free tool, especially because it uses a GNU license, which means there is a common use (GPU) or General Public License (GPL) so that you can use free to explore changes to launch, but not to sell.
MEGASync 2.8

Soberetevashite files in one file

PDFBinderThe Joern Reed Show was founded. The tool allows you to combine several PDF files into a portable binder that essentially links your PDF files into one file. Your yepotim possibilitiesFrom the file and open in drugpostavite your PDFBinder. He looks like a zip code tool, except that there are no shortened files you just put them all in one place. As a binder, you can remove the PDF files as it fits you.
You can mix your PDF files to other file types, to create a single file.

Conclusion- You must use expensive software to retrieve your files

PDFBinder saves time and zruchnosti.Zamist instrument that is used slowly and / or moodyTo move files together, or collecting your files, you can only use this port. You can make use of presentations so you can create a list of files with him if you want.