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It can not be something that sounds good right away, but has its advantages. You can create a full audiobook to join the rip CD tracks or mixes (a mix that can not skip tracks!).

Merging MP3 ID3 tags are merged ditzakepistak import, or you can write a new one for yourself and listen to the tracks in the program. If the size, length, or no limit to the number of paths can be combined.

Velmiprosty interface, and super-daazkar file merging.

MergingMP3 files, what it says, excellent and effective. However, because of its limitations, it will not be for everyone. Programs such as Audacity can also include MP3 files, as well as allow you to edit, cut and mix together, nahizMP3 easy connection, is much easier to use.

MP3 files you want to join together, united by a simple MP3 program not very well, and no more work.