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Cloud Storage is in vogue, but offers a complex network and force you to download / upload files to save. Enter MegaSinc. Mega tools for creating ichsinchronizacji files stored in the cloud, the local machine. Editing completed on the local machine will be automatically entered into the cloudand work.

Full function!

MegaSincFunkcje include standard expectations in the software for cloud sync. Certain folders excluded from sinhronizacijiKako? No problem. To exclude certain types of files in sync? Option tool. Just want to sync certainone? Sync options to select the desired option. Mega cloud service, you can even synchronize files over, as long as it does not allow zgodi.Zarzadzanie contacts and share files, and allow you to share documents using a web interface high. You can also installmore sinhronizacijui computer tool to keep all your devices up to date with the latest changes in dokumencie.Mega the ability to recover deleted files from the Recycle Bin in the interactive network, and the ability to view the status of each file status data synchronization.Working for a small company, mega cloud storage can be used to replace costly hardware server files premise.

quick Setup

Installation is as simple as this service rachunkovichChmura Mega alatiDovnload, installation tools, and then pointing to the folder MegaSincyou want to sync with cloud services Mega. The tool will do the rest. Preferences are available for posrednictvemPasek task icon that appears below, the program takes service starts when the computer is turned on. Your account information is safely stored on the recording of the programuzitkuChmura mega automatically without user intervention. The same user interface ekranuPostavke after installation and the installation is an interesting and easy to understand. This is one tool that does its job simply and effectively gives peace.

Reach cloud

MegaSincZe users wantto use in the cloud, and that this process is easy. Using free tools mega cloud sync big free, users can upload files for all of them to listen to the words that facilitate the sharing and backup for katastrofi.Korzistaniealatka the setup menu and easy synchronization, combiningthe characteristics of rich interactive website, users have many choices to manage files on them. Create a free, downloadable Synchronization feature their single file and start today!