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Apache OpenOffice office suite performance and reliability as an alternative to Microsoft Office. And, most importantly, for free.
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Apache OpenOffice includes word processing (Word), project schedule (Excel), presentations (such as PowerPoint), Database Editor (Access), drawing tools (colors), and tools for recipes.

All elements of Apache OpenOffice offers a wide range of tools and du options. Programming is fully compatible with file formats.

Other interfaces

One solution is to get startedOpenOffice in the interface, development office is less than enough. But now the interface is similar to Microsoft Office has many interesting icons and menus.
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From the main screen can be achieved six main applications: Writer, Calc, Impress, Drawing, Base and Math. The menu is set and you want quick access to documents or permissions.

If you are an average user, more than OpenOffice and your document creation needs editing. One of the outstanding features of OpenOffice to addNew templates and extensions, which means you can customize the program to your liking.

Top choice of quality

OpenOfficegela and freely with all accessories and various moms-to make sure it’s normal. Good choice.