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I want Android running on the computer? Andy OS can only seek full Android experience on your desktop.

With Andy OS

Unlike BlueStacks, just an application launcher for Android, Andy OS gives you full access to the operating system Google.You can download apps and games through Google Play or APKs product installation guide and run them deurAndy OS. This is especially useful for the use of applications such as messagingWhatsApp, Viber online or from your computer.

But there is more to Andy than application of OS, the software also supports notifications, widgets, documents results (including access to files on the local)Application of information and full multi-touch gestures.

Andy is a great mobile game OSvir allows you to use your phone or tablet as a remote control for the desktop emulator. This is useful for playing some kind of game action or racing games,For example.

At the time of writing it, Andy running Android OS Jelly Bean although it is a pity that it is not pre-installed with the operating system last (KitKat), is up to date enough for him to make the application on.

ditmaklikTo use?

Andy OS is not to use BlueStacks, the feeling is that it requires a little more setup. That said, it is also very easy. Andy OS VirtualBox machines across virtual, which comes with installation.Quedescargar and install the software, you can run the application and go through a set of options that Android will be in the first phase of the phone regularly.

EkEk tested occasional failure to run the application,Although generally it works well.

Andy OS is suitable for power users “because it can be customized in various ways. For starters, you can change the way your machineRunning virtual changes, allocated more paraexemplo RAM, making it run faster. But you can also root system Andy Android OS across OS, and more customized operating system you want to install self.As ROMsor custom launcher can switch to another.

How best to get Android on your desktop

Andy OS is very easy to set up, highly customizable, and gives you full Android experience.

If you just want to play or practicesimplesApps injuries, BlueStacks much trouble vry.Maar if you want to properly imitate Android on Windows, OS called Andy.